What grit sandpaper for sanding walls before painting?

Release Date:2023-04-19 14:23
Sanding walls before painting is an important step in achieving a smooth and even finish. Choosing the right grit sandpaper can make all the difference in achieving a successful outcome. In this article, we will discuss what grit sandpaper to use for sanding walls before painting.

First, it's important to understand that sandpaper comes in various grit sizes, ranging from coarse to fine. The coarser the grit, the rougher the sandpaper, and the finer the grit, the smoother the sandpaper. For sanding walls, medium to fine-grit sandpaper is generally recommended.

The most common grit sizes used for sanding walls are between 100 and 220 grit. These grits are fine enough to smooth out any rough areas, but not so fine that they won't make a noticeable difference in the surface texture.
If you are sanding a previously painted wall, it's important to use higher-grit sandpaper, such as 220 grit, to avoid removing too much of the paint. However, if you are sanding an unpainted wall or a wall with a heavy texture, you may need to start with a coarser grit, such as 100 grit, to remove any bumps or imperfections.

When sanding walls before painting, it's important to use a sanding block or sanding pole to ensure that the sandpaper is applied evenly across the surface. Sand in a circular or back-and-forth motion, and be sure to sand with the grain of the wood or drywall to avoid creating scratches.

It's also important to wear a dust mask and eye protection while sanding to avoid inhaling dust particles and to protect your eyes from any debris that may fly up during sanding.

In conclusion, when sanding walls before painting, it's recommended to use a medium to fine grit sandpaper, between 100 and 220 grit. Start with a coarser grit if needed for heavily textured walls or unpainted surfaces, and use a sanding block or sanding pole for even application. Remember to wear proper safety equipment to protect yourself from dust and debris.

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