Industry applications for the flap wheel

Release Date:2023-05-26 17:09

The flap wheel, also known as an elastic grinding disc, is a type of high-elasticity abrasive tool. It possesses excellent flexibility and does not cause work-piece burns during grinding. This unique product is widely used in angular polishing machines or electric tools. Specifically, the flap wheel finds extensive applications in the marine, bridge, automotive, aviation, and stainless steel industries for tasks such as weld seam grinding, large-scale oil and rust removal, tool and die conditioning, and polishing for electroplating.

To maximize the effectiveness of grinding fluids during the grinding process, the method of fluid supply should not be overlooked. Pouring the grinding fluid onto the workpiece often presents challenges as it may not easily reach the grinding area. Several factors contribute to this issue:

Firstly, the air in the gaps of the grinding wheel end face tends to move from the center towards the wheel's circumference due to centrifugal force. Larger gaps and higher rotational speeds of the grinding wheel have a greater impact on fluid distribution.

Secondly, the presence of a grinding wheel cover affects airflow dynamics. When comparing covered and uncovered grinding wheels, the average dynamic pressure of the airflow increases by approximately 50% with the cover.


Flap Wheel with Shank


Thirdly, as the grinding wheel rotates, it generates a rotating airflow around its periphery. Higher wheel speeds result in a stronger influence on the airflow.

The flap wheel is composed of plastic or fiber mesh bonded with abrasive cloth sheets. It is designed for use in angular grinding machines and is available in various types, such as 36 sheets, 56 sheets, 72 sheets, and 80 sheets, depending on the application requirements. The grit sizes typically range from 40# to 320#. The flap wheel can be made from materials such as brown corundum, zirconium corundum, and silicon carbide.

Flap wheels find versatile applications across industries including shipbuilding, automotive, aviation, machinery, instrumentation, bridges, construction, and furniture manufacturing. They are used to remove rust, paint, burrs, and polish weld seams on both metallic and non-metallic materials.

In the shipbuilding industry, flap wheels are employed to remove welding slag and smooth the surface of steel plates, ensuring a high-quality finish. Automotive manufacturers utilize flap wheels for the precision polishing of automobile parts and components, achieving smooth surfaces and enhancing visual appeal. In the aviation sector, flap wheels contribute to the precise grinding and finishing of aerospace components, guaranteeing optimal performance and safety. Machinery, instrumentation, and bridge industries rely on flap wheels for deburring, cleaning, and smoothing metal surfaces, ensuring precise fit and function. Finally, in the furniture manufacturing sector, flap wheels are indispensable for removing paint, smoothing wood surfaces, and achieving a polished finish.

The flap wheel serves as a valuable tool in various industries, offering excellent flexibility and effective grinding capabilities. Its applications range from shipbuilding to automotive, aviation to machinery, and bridge construction to furniture manufacturing. By utilizing flap wheels, professionals can achieve superior grinding, deburring, and polishing results, enhancing both the aesthetics and functionality of their products.


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