Precautions for Storage and Handling of Abrasives

Release Date:2023-06-01 11:28

After receiving abrasive tools, the user should carefully inspect them for cracks and other damages. It is important to verify that the relevant trademarks and labels on the surface of the tools are correct, clear, and complete.

During the handling of abrasive tools, they should be treated with caution and care to prevent vibration and collision. Rolling the tools on the ground is strictly prohibited to avoid any potential damage.

When storing abrasive tools, precautions should be taken to protect them from moisture, freezing, and maintaining a minimum room temperature of 5°C. Resin-bonded tools should not come into contact with alkaline substances, while rubber-bonded tools should not be exposed to oil to prevent a decrease in hardness and strength. When stacking grinding wheels, the height should generally not exceed 1.5 meters. Thin grinding wheels should be stored in a manner that prevents deformation. If the storage time exceeds one year, the wheels should be subjected to a rotation strength test and deemed qualified before further use.


Additionally, the following points should be noted:

1. The actual operating linear speed of the grinding wheel must not exceed the specified limit.

2. Before installation, the grinding wheel should be inspected for speed markings, cracks, and damages, and a strength test should be conducted.

3. After installation, the grinding wheel must undergo at least 5 minutes of idling with a protective cover. Only when the wheel's strength is confirmed, the actual grinding work can commence.

4. The use of cooling fluids that may damage the bonding agent of the grinding wheel is strictly prohibited.

5. During the transportation of grinding wheels, vigorous vibration and impact should be avoided.

6. Different grinding wheel sizes and shapes should be stored on racks or in separate boxes accordingly.

7. Storage of grinding wheels should be protected from moisture and freezing.

8. The storage period for resin-bonded grinding wheels should not exceed one year. If the expiration date is exceeded, strict inspection is required to ensure the quality before further usage.

What should be paid attention to during the storage and handling of abrasive tools?

Proper storage and handling practices are crucial for maintaining the quality and performance of abrasive tools. By following these guidelines, users can ensure the integrity and reliability of the tools throughout their lifespan.

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