Introduction and Application Scope of Brown Fused Alumina Abrasives and Silicon Carbide

Release Date:2023-06-07 11:36

Brown corundum abrasive, also known as brown fused alumina, is a high-quality abrasive material manufactured using modern and unique production techniques. It is widely utilized in various industries due to its short grinding time, high efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and low price. This abrasive exhibits moderate hardness, high toughness, excellent self-sharpening characteristics, low sand consumption, and the ability to be recycled and reused. It provides superior surface finishes, has a stable chemical composition, and is resistant to wear, acids, and alkalies. With its shell-like fractured structure, sharp edges, and corners, brown corundum abrasive outperforms other abrasives by constantly crushing and grading to form new edges and cutting edges, thereby enhancing its grinding capabilities. Its high hardness, large specific gravity, chemical stability, and unique self-sharpening properties make it the preferred abrasive for sandblasting processes. Moreover, it is an ideal material for sandblasting, rust removal, and polishing applications.

Applications of Brown Corundum Abrasive:

Brown corundum abrasive finds extensive applications in five major areas, namely sandblasting brown corundum, free grinding, filtering media, resin abrasives, and functional fillers. Among them, sandblasting brown corundum has a wide range of uses:

1. Stainless Steel: Used for surface cleaning, weld slag removal, and achieving a semi-gloss effect.

2. Iron Work-pieces: Effective in rust removal, cleaning, and oxide scale removal, increasing the adhesion of coatings and plating.

3. Aluminum Work-pieces: Ideal for removing oxide scales, surface strengthening, and achieving a polished finish.

4. Copper Work-pieces: Provides a semi-gloss effect by removing oxide scales.

5. Glass Products: Suitable for crystal sanding and pattern engraving.

6. Plastic Products (Hardwood Products): Creates a semi-gloss effect.

7. Special Fabrics like Denim: Used for plush processing and creating decorative patterns.


Translation and Expansion of the Content:

Brown corundum abrasive, also known as brown fused alumina, is a highly versatile abrasive material that is manufactured using modern and unique production techniques. It possesses exceptional qualities that make it an ideal choice for various industrial applications.

One of the key advantages of brown corundum abrasive is its short grinding time, high efficiency, and excellent cost-effectiveness. It provides optimal results while maintaining a competitive price point, making it a preferred choice for many industries. With its moderate hardness and high toughness, brown corundum abrasive offers exceptional durability and longevity, ensuring consistent grinding performance. Additionally, it's low sand consumption and recyclability contribute to cost savings and environmental sustainability.

The chemical stability of brown corundum abrasive makes it highly resistant to wear, acids, and alkalies. This attribute enables its use in a wide range of applications without compromising its performance. Moreover, the unique shell-like fractured structure of brown corundum abrasive ensures the constant formation of new cutting edges and corners during grinding, enhancing its overall grinding capabilities.

Brown corundum abrasive has a broad range of applications across various industries. In the field of sandblasting, it is widely used for surface cleaning, weld slag removal, and achieving desired semi-gloss effects on stainless steel workpieces. For iron work-pieces, it effectively removes rust, cleans surfaces, eliminates oxide scales, and improves the adhesion of coatings and plating. When working with aluminum, brown corundum abrasive facilitates oxide scale removal, surface strengthening, and the achievement of polished finishes. Similarly, it removes oxide scales from copper work-pieces and provides a semi-gloss effect. In the glass industry, brown corundum abrasive is employed for crystal sanding and pattern engraving. Additionally, brown corundum abrasive is used in the processing of plastic products, such as hardwood, to achieve a semi-gloss effect. Moreover, it finds application in special fabrics like denim, where it is utilized for plush processing and creating unique decorative patterns.

The versatility of brown corundum abrasive extends beyond its application areas. Its hardness, high specific gravity, and stable chemical composition make it an ideal choice for various grinding processes. Whether it is for surface cleaning, rust removal, oxide scale elimination, or achieving specific finishes, brown corundum abrasive delivers outstanding results.

Furthermore, the use of brown corundum abrasive offers several advantages. Its self-sharpening properties ensure consistent cutting performance, prolonging the abrasive's lifespan and reducing the need for frequent replacements. The ability to recycle and reuse the abrasive not only minimizes waste but also contributes to cost savings. Additionally, its excellent hardness and toughness allow for efficient grinding, resulting in improved productivity and reduced overall processing time.

In conclusion, brown corundum abrasive, derived from high-quality brown fused alumina, is a remarkable abrasive material widely recognized for its exceptional grinding capabilities. Its unique properties, including moderate hardness, high toughness, self-sharpening characteristics, and recyclability, make it an excellent choice for a diverse range of applications. Whether in sandblasting, surface polishing, rust removal, or precision grinding, brown corundum abrasive stands as a reliable and cost-effective solution for achieving superior results.

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