Introduction to water-resistant sandpaper

Release Date:2023-06-12 11:11

Water-resistant sandpaper, also known as wet sandpaper or waterproof sandpaper, derives its name from its ability to be used for sanding with water or in wet conditions. It is made by adhering abrasive particles of either aluminum oxide or silicon carbide to a water-resistant paper or a specially treated paper using a binder such as paint or resin. Water-resistant sandpaper is available in two forms: sheets and rolls.

Key Features of Water-Resistant Sandpaper:

1. High Efficiency: Water-resistant sandpaper is produced using a continuous production process, ensuring high productivity.

2. Longer Drying Time: Due to the use of clear varnish as a binder, water-resistant sandpaper requires a longer drying time. It is typically dried using a hanging method.

3. Finer Grit Sizes: Water-resistant sandpaper generally has finer grit sizes. In China, the grit sizes for water-resistant sandpaper start from P80, providing a smooth transition from finer grit sizes to metallographic sandpaper.


4. Dust Reduction and Improved Working Conditions: Water-resistant sandpaper is designed to be used in wet conditions, resulting in less dust and better working conditions for the user.

In various industries and applications, water-resistant sandpaper offers several advantages. It allows for efficient and precise sanding, particularly in wet environments. The use of water as a lubricant not only helps to keep the surface cool but also prevents the buildup of dust particles, resulting in a cleaner and clearer working area. Additionally, the water-resistant properties of the sandpaper ensure its durability and longevity.

Water-resistant sandpaper finds wide application in woodworking, metalworking, automotive refinishing, and other industries. It is commonly used for surface preparation, smoothing rough surfaces, removing paint or varnish, and achieving a smooth finish. The fine grit sizes available enable professionals to achieve excellent results in polishing and fine sanding applications.

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