Function and Characteristics of White Corundum Abrasive

Release Date:2023-06-25 10:34

White corundum abrasive is a synthetic abrasive material produced using high-quality aluminum oxide powder. It is melted at temperatures exceeding 2000 degrees Celsius and cooled in an arc. After crushing and forming, the magnetic impurities are removed, and the abrasive is divided into various grain sizes. With its dense texture, high hardness, and sharp-edged crystal structure, white corundum abrasive offers unique characteristics and finds wide applications in various industries. In this article, we will delve into the functional characteristics of white corundum abrasive, highlighting its versatility and benefits.

Versatility and Applications of White Corundum Abrasive:

1. Ceramic Industry:

White corundum abrasive is widely used in the ceramic industry. It is suitable for the production of ceramic tools, resin-bonded grinding tools, polishing, sandblasting, and precision casting. Its exceptional properties make it a preferred choice for manufacturing advanced refractory materials.

2. Non-Impact on Work-piece Color:

White corundum abrasive does not affect the color of the workpiece during the grinding or polishing processes. This characteristic is particularly essential for applications where maintaining the original color or appearance of the workpiece is crucial.

3. Sandblasting Capabilities:

White corundum abrasive can be used for sandblasting, especially in processes that require the absence of iron residue. The fine-grade white corundum abrasive is well-suited for wet sandblasting and polishing operations.


4. High Processing Speed and Quality:

White corundum abrasive offers fast processing speeds and high-quality results. It's hardness and sharp-edged crystal structure enable efficient material removal, resulting in superior finishing and precision grinding.

5. Low Iron Content:

White corundum abrasive contains extremely low levels of iron oxide, making it suitable for sandblasting applications where iron impurities are strictly prohibited. This characteristic ensures clean and contaminant-free surfaces.

White Corundum Abrasive Processing and Waste Management:

While white corundum abrasive offers numerous advantages for industrial applications, waste management after work-piece processing remains a significant challenge for many businesses. The accumulation of abrasive sediment and other debris on the workpiece complicates the cleaning process.

White corundum abrasive possesses excellent resistance to acid and alkali, as well as high-temperature tolerance. The primary cost of white corundum abrasive lies in aluminum oxide, making it feasible to use high-concentration hydrochloride acid for residue cleaning. Modern high-pressure cleaning machines can achieve effective results, and by employing circulation pumps or agitation devices, the waste material can be prevented from immediate sedimentation. This provides relative ease in handling and treatment of white corundum waste.

White corundum abrasive is a versatile and highly functional synthetic abrasive widely utilized across various industries. Its unique characteristics, including non-impact on work-piece color, sandblasting capabilities, high processing speed, and quality, and low iron content, make it a preferred choice for grinding, polishing, and precision applications. Proper waste management practices and the use of advanced cleaning techniques are crucial to address the challenge of waste disposal. By harnessing the benefits of white corundum abrasive while adopting responsible waste management strategies, businesses can optimize their operations and enhance overall efficiency in the industry.

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