Storage Methods for Coated Abrasive Products

Release Date:2023-07-04 11:02

Proper storage conditions play a crucial role in maintaining the performance of coated abrasive products. Coated abrasives can only deliver excellent grinding efficiency when stored correctly. This article will delve into the storage requirements for coated abrasive products, the impact of abnormal storage conditions, and essential considerations to prolong their lifespan. Discover the importance of optimal storage methods and their impact on the performance of coated abrasive products.

Coated Abrasive Product Storage:

The storage environment significantly affects the performance of the base material and adhesives used in the manufacturing process of coated abrasive products. Changes in relative humidity can cause these materials to dry out or become moist. To ensure the best performance, coated abrasive products should be stored and used within the recommended temperature and humidity range. Ideally, temperatures between 60°F and 80°F (15°C to 27°C) and relative humidity levels of 40% to 50% provide the optimal conditions for their storage and usage.

During storage, it is essential to prevent direct contact with coated abrasive products with cement floors, avoid exposure to moisture and dampness, and keep them away from hot pipes or heat sources.

Effects of Abnormal Storage:

1. Excessive Moisture: Excessive moisture can cause the bonding agents or resins to soften, as well as the fillers within the base material. This results in the abrasive pressing into the base material instead of the workpiece being ground, reducing grinding efficiency. Frictional heat can further soften the bonding agents. Coated abrasive products stored in high-humidity environments for extended periods may experience a 50% reduction in their lifespan.

2. Excessive Dryness: Excessive dryness can reduce the flexibility of the products, leading to difficulties during usage. Narrow belts may curl or twist, while excessively dry conditions can cause them to become cupped (curved towards the back). Paper-based products, especially heavy-duty ones, stored in excessively dry environments, may lose their flexibility and become brittle. Water-resistant sandpaper is also affected by excessive dryness. For cloth-based belts and discs, excessive moisture within the base material can cause them to bend towards the back, while excessive dryness can result in bending in the opposite direction.


Important Considerations:

In addition to ensuring the proper temperature conditions for storing coated abrasive products, several important tips can help extend their lifespan when not in use:

1. Store coated abrasive products in sealed cardboard boxes before usage.

2. Bulk rolls should be stored flat and not stacked. For boxed or packaged rolls, ensure that they remain intact during usage. Hang belts on dedicated racks for storage.

3. Proper shelving for storing coated abrasive products can aid in warehouse management.

By adhering to these storage practices, you can maximize the lifespan and performance of your coated abrasive products, ensuring consistent and optimal results throughout their usage.

Proper storage of coated abrasive products is essential for maintaining their performance and grinding efficiency. Understanding the impact of storage conditions, such as excessive moisture or dryness, allows users to take necessary precautions to prevent any negative effects on the products. By following recommended storage methods and considering essential tips, you can prolong the lifespan of coated abrasive products, optimize their performance, and achieve superior grinding outcomes. Invest in the correct storage practices and elevate the quality of your abrasive applications.

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