Tutorial on Polishing Jade Jewelry

Release Date:2023-07-10 11:37

Jade polishing can result in two different finishes: "hard bright" and "resin bright." "Hard bright" exhibits a high level of brightness and intense luster, while "resin bright" has a lower level of brightness and a more subdued luster. From a craftsmanship perspective, "resin bright" requires one less step and is primarily used in the production of antique-style jade pieces.

1. Polishing is the final step in perfecting jade artifacts. In the industry, it is referred to as "brightening" or "bringing the piece to life." The polishing process includes several steps: grinding, covering, cleaning, waxing, and wiping. These steps work together to refine the surface of the jade, making it smooth, fine, and brightly colored.

2. Grinding: Also known as rough removal, this step involves using polishing tools to smooth out rough areas on the surface of the jade. It is a preparatory step before the actual polishing process. However, care must be taken not to damage the shape and patterns of the jade artifact during grinding.


3. Covering: This step involves using polishing powders and a rubbing stone to gently rub the surface of the jade, resulting in a shiny appearance. Commonly used polishing powders include red and green powders. The process begins by mixing the powders with an appropriate amount of water and oil to form a paste. This paste is then applied to felt, leather, or cotton wheels and slowly rubbed against the jade surface until it becomes smooth and shiny.

4. Cleaning: This step involves using a solution to thoroughly clean any dirt or residue from the jade artifact's surface.

5. Waxing: Waxing is the process of applying a layer of wax onto a heated jade artifact and then repeatedly wiping it with a cloth after it cools down. This step enhances the brightness and smoothness of the jade surface.

By following this jade polishing tutorial, artisans can achieve either the "hard bright" or "resin bright" finish, depending on the desired outcome. The careful execution of each step ensures that the jade artifact is beautifully polished, highlighting its natural colors and patterns.

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