Examples of Industrial Uses for 8698 Industrial Cleaning Cloth

Release Date:2023-07-14 10:46

The industrial scouring pad 8698 was introduced to China in the early 1990s, following its successful import from overseas. Over the years, the brownish-red 7447 variant has remained the most commonly used product in international markets, while the domestically preferred choice in China has been the green 8698 variant. Other commonly used variants include the gray 7448 and purple 7521. These four-digit product codes were initially developed by the company responsible for their research and development. They have become widely recognized as identifiers for different product types, although they do not provide specific guidance on product characteristics.

Role of 8698 Industrial Scouring Pad:

In the early 1990s, when antique bronze finishing techniques were used for metal surfaces, traditional materials such as steel wool and regular sandpaper were inefficient, resulting in uneven and unsatisfactory line patterns. However, after experimenting with the 8698 scouring pad, originally designed for removing stubborn dirt in kitchen utensils, its excellent conform-ability, uniform line patterns, and minimal risk of damaging the plating layer were discovered. This significantly improved production efficiency, making it ideal for hand rubbing and machine polishing of electroplated parts. Despite its higher cost than traditional materials like steel wool and sandpaper, the actual cost of the scouring pad is significantly lower.

Expansion and Application:

In the late 1990s, the 8698 scouring pad expanded beyond the electroplating industry and gradually gained popularity in the metal processing industry. Its usage replaced the ineffective abrasive cloth wheels, which resulted in uneven line patterns and low efficiency. The introduction of the brownish-red 7447 wing wheel by Hong Kong manufacturers found widespread application in polishing watchbands and watch cases. Subsequently, it spread to various industries, including metalworking, woodworking, and electronics.

Below are some typical applications of 8698 and 7447 industrial scouring pads in various industries:

1. Electroplating Coloration:

Zinc-aluminum alloy stamping/die-casting -> Coarse grinding with sanding belts/nylon wheels -> Cleaning -> Electroplating -> Drying -> Hand rubbing with 8698/7447 (wing wheel/sheet) -> Cleaning -> Polishing oil application -> Drying and packaging

2. Architectural Hardware Processing (Stainless Steel Brushing):

Stainless steel workpiece stamping -> Coarse grinding with sanding belts/nylon wheels -> Hand rubbing with 8698 scouring pad for brushing effect -> Cleaning and packaging

3. Stainless Steel Plate Brushing:

Cutting of stainless steel coils -> Flatten and anneal -> Coarse grinding with sanding belts for brushing effect -> Polishing with 8698/7447 buffing wheels for brushing effect -> Apply protective film


4. Security Door Manufacturing (Scenario 1): (Wood Grain Decorative Patterns)

Iron door welding with primer coating/baking -> Apply decorative film -> Additional baking -> Heat up with 100°C water to remove the decorative film -> Remove residue with 8698 scouring pad -> Rinse with cold water -> Sanding on the door with 800-grit sandpaper -> Rinse with cold water and air dry -> Wipe with anti-static or dust-removing industrial alcohol pad -> Packaging

5. Security Door Manufacturing (Scenario 2): (Antique Copper Decorative Patterns)

Copper-plated door panel stamping followed by black paint coating and baking -> Wet the panel with water -> Polish with an 8698 scouring pad to create antique copper line patterns -> Rinse with cold water and air dry -> Packaging

6. Rosewood Furniture:

Rosewood material cutting -> Hand or machine carving -> Assembly -> Sanding with sandpaper/belts -> Remove burrs and apply color paint with 7521 scouring pad -> Polish the colored paint with 7521 scouring pad -> Apply topcoat -> Packaging

7. 3C Electronics Product (Mobile Phones, Cameras, Computers) Casing Polishing:

Aluminum alloy stamping -> CNC hole cutting and deburring -> Coarse grinding with sandpaper/sponge sanding -> Polishing with specialized industrial scouring pad by mechanical arm -> Sandblasting -> Cleaning -> Anodizing -> Inspection and packaging

As market demands for surface quality in industrial products continue to rise, the application of industrial scouring pads, such as the 8698 variant, is increasing in various processing stages. They are gradually replacing fine sanding belts/sandpaper and are becoming synonymous with the concept of "beauty products" for industrial applications. With their effectiveness and versatility, industrial scouring pads are gaining wider acceptance in the industry.

The 8698 industrial scouring pad has found extensive application in various industries, offering superior performance and cost-effectiveness compared to traditional materials like steel wool and sandpaper. Its conform-ability, uniform line patterns, and ability to minimize damage to plated surfaces have made it an indispensable tool in the electroplating, metalworking, woodworking, and electronics industries. As manufacturers strive to meet increasingly stringent quality requirements, the use of industrial scouring pads will continue to expand, establishing them as essential components in the manufacturing process of numerous products.

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