Research on the grinding performance of super-coated dry abrasive paper

Release Date:2023-07-27 10:45

Super-coated dry abrasive paper, also known as anti-clogging abrasive paper, is a specialized type of abrasive paper where a layer of unique anti-clogging material is applied to the surface of silicon carbide or brown corundum abrasive paper.This innovative product offers several advantages, including chip removal during use, efficient heat dissipation, and reduced clogging.It is particularly well-suited for the dry grinding and polishing of soft materials such as wood, paint, and soft metal.Compared to conventional abrasive papers, its working principle relies on the application of a special anti-clogging material, which generates a considerable amount of heat during grinding.This heat induces a phase transition in the heat-absorbing substance within the coating, transforming it from a solid state to a liquid state, effectively absorbing heat and lowering the working surface temperature.After the phase transition, the heat-absorbing substance forms a lubricating film on the abrasive paper's surface, enhancing its wear resistance and grinding efficiency.

Structure of the Super-Coated Abrasive Paper:

The coating on the super-coated abrasive paper consists of three main components:

1.Film-forming Substance:This component firmly adheres the coating to the surface and forms a continuous film.

2.Heat Absorber: The heat absorber is responsible for absorbing heat and reducing the temperature on the working surface.

3. Filler: The filler alters the coating's properties, reduces costs, and enhances its grinding capacity.

Previous research on this project focused on the application of composite heat absorbers, utilizing the principle of phase transition in heat-absorbing agents.When the heat absorber transitions from a solid to a liquid state, it absorbs heat, preventing damage to the adhesive layer.A soft adhesive layer tends to become even softer due to the heat generated during grinding, leading to clogging issues.The abrasive paper may lose its grinding ability as the generated debris cannot be effectively removed.By increasing the hardness of the adhesive layer appropriately, clogging is minimized, and the grinding time of the abrasive paper is extended, resulting in increased grinding efficiency.Building on this foundation, this article conducts a series of studies on the impact of fillers and adhesives on the grinding performance of super-coated abrasive paper.


The Influence of Fillers and Adhesives on Grinding Performance:

To optimize the grinding performance of super-coated dry abrasive paper, extensive research was conducted on the role of fillers and adhesives:

1.Fillers:The type and composition of fillers play a crucial role in modifying the coating's properties.By selecting appropriate fillers, the coating's grinding capacity can be enhanced, leading to improved efficiency during grinding operations.Additionally, well-chosen fillers contribute to cost reduction, ensuring a competitive advantage in the market.

2.Adhesives:The properties of the adhesive layer are essential in determining the overall performance of the super-coated abrasive paper.A balance must be achieved between hardness and flexibility to avoid clogging issues and ensure prolonged grinding time.The choice of adhesives directly affects the lifespan and effectiveness of the abrasive paper.

The development and application of super-coated dry abrasive paper have brought significant improvements to the grinding and polishing processes.By incorporating specialized anti-clogging materials, this innovative abrasive paper tackles common issues such as chip removal, heat dissipation, and clogging, resulting in enhanced grinding efficiency and prolonged product lifespan.Extensive research on fillers and adhesives further refines the performance of super-coated abrasive paper, making it a reliable and indispensable tool in various industries.As the industry continues to evolve, manufacturers should focus on optimizing these components to meet specific grinding requirements, thereby gaining a competitive edge in the market.

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