Maintaining Car window wipers with Waterproof Sandpaper

Release Date:2023-08-17 11:35

In China, the number of civilian vehicles has surged to a staggering 105.78 million units this year, marking a substantial 16.4% increase from the previous year. This count includes three-wheeled vehicles and low-speed trucks, totaling 12.28 million units. Private car ownership has risen to an impressive 78.72 million units, reflecting a remarkable growth of 20.4%. Private sedans alone account for 43.22 million units, a striking 25.5% increase. As the automotive landscape expands, vehicle owners remain steadfast in their commitment to maintenance, employing ingenious tricks to uphold the well-being of their cherished vehicles. Experts emphasize the efficacy of waterproof sandpaper and offer valuable insights into wiper blade film preservation. Let's delve into these practices.

Maintaining Wiper Blade Films with the Waterproof Sandpaper Technique

Neglecting the upkeep of wiper blade films, particularly when facing dusty conditions, can lead to reduced efficiency in clearing the windshield and the unsightly appearance of water streaks. Yet, an efficient solution exists. By acquiring a piece of 2000-grit waterproof sandpaper (1500-grit is also suitable), obtainable from hardware stores at a low cost, vehicle owners can revitalize their wiper blade films. Simply apply a thorough back-and-forth motion along both sides of the wiper blade film with the waterproof sandpaper.

Mainly focus on areas where visible scratches are left on the windshield, as this targeted polishing will significantly restore the wiper blade film's functionality. Furthermore, when parking your vehicle under intense sunlight, remember to prop up the wiper blades. This strategic action alleviates stress on the wiper blade films, effectively slowing down the aging process.

Maximizing Wiper Blade Film Performance

Some drivers have adopted the practice of operating their wiper blades a few times each morning upon entering their vehicles. In this scenario, it's advisable to engage the wiper blades intermittently using the control lever. This technique prompts multiple sprays of wiper fluid, thereby reducing dust accumulation on both the windshield and wiper blade films. The outcome? A noticeable reduction in the likelihood of blade films sustaining scratches from small rocks and debris.

By adhering to these guidelines, vehicle owners can extend the lifespan of their wiper blade films to an impressive three to five years, maintaining their pristine condition. Skeptics in the automotive community are encouraged to experiment with these techniques and witness the remarkable results firsthand.

The automotive industry in China has witnessed a remarkable surge in vehicle ownership, necessitating heightened attention to maintenance practices. The innovative use of waterproof sandpaper and strategic wiper blade film care exemplifies the commitment of vehicle owners to ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of their vehicles. With these effective strategies in place, wiper blade films can endure the test of time, ultimately contributing to safer and more enjoyable driving experiences.

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