How to achieve quality results when polishing jade?

Release Date:2023-09-14 11:25

Jade jewelry needs to undergo a meticulous process of polishing and waxing before it can be sold on the retail market. But what are the exact steps required in the jade polishing process? Below we will walk you through how to achieve that perfect polish.

Step 1: Apply Polishing Paste

The initial step involves applying a layer of paste polishing compound to the already carved surface of the jade. This green compound usually contains chromium oxide, while the reddish-orange compound contains cerium oxide.

Step 2: Grinding

This step requires using a grinding or abrasive tool, such as sandpaper or a grinding wheel, to refine the surface of the jade. It ensures a smoother, more lustrous appearance. Subsequently, a brush tool is used to further polish the surface. Finally, meticulous hand-polishing with chamois leather provides the finishing touch.

Step 3: Repeat

In many cases, steps one and two are repeated for optimal results. Each iteration refines the finish, creating a flawless surface.

Step 4: Application of a Diamond Paste

A layer of diamond paste or polishing compound is applied to the jade's surface. This is followed by using a stiff brush or hard-grit abrasive tool for further polishing.


Step 5: Detailing Work

For intricate details that are difficult to reach with larger tools, bamboo sticks can be employed. These sticks are loaded with polishing compound or diamond powder. Larger details may require tungsten steel files, while smaller areas might call for alloy grinding heads.

Step 6: Final Polishing

This step involves applying a polishing compound or diamond powder to the jade and using a firm leather surface for the final polish. In China, cowhide leather is typically used,

Step 7: Cleaning residual.

The objective here is to remove any residual polishing compound from the surface of the jade. This is achieved with the help of an ultrasonic cleaning machine. For areas that the machine can't reach, alcohol can be used for wiping.

Step 8: Waxing

This final step involves applying wax to the finished surface of the jade. It not only enhances the appearance but also serves as a protective layer.

Maintaining of finished Jade

To keep jade in pristine condition, it's crucial to handle it with care. While jade is durable, it's not impervious to damage. Avoid dropping it from heights or allowing it to come into contact with hard surfaces.

By following these steps and maintenance tips, you can ensure your jade jewelry remains a cherished and beautiful possession.

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