Fiber Disc
Abrasive Grain Base Grit Range Diameter Hole Diameter Max R.P.M. Types
Fiber Disc

Fiber discs are the most classic of grinding product designs using a heavy-duty coated abrasive disc with resin over resin construction on heavy-duty vulcanized fiber backing.

Abrasive Grain Base Grit Range Diameter Hole Diameter Max R.P.M. Types.
  Aluminum Oxide,
  Silcon Carbide,
  Zirconium Oxide,
Cermanic Fiber Paper P16 - P120 4" (100mm) 5/8" (16mm) 15200
   4.5" (115mm) 7/8" (22mm) 13300
   5" (125mm) 7/8" (22mm) 12200
   6" (150mm) 7/8" (22mm) 12200
   7" (180mm) 7/8" (22mm) 8500


Product introduction:
This product is a coated abrasive tool that uses high-quality abrasives and stiff vulcanized fibre backing as the base material, and is bonded with high-quality synthetic resin. It is characterized by high tensile strength, sharpness and wear resistance.


1. Wear resistance: service life is 3-4 times that of  ordinary discs.
2. The entire front face of the disc is covered in abrasive grain, increasing the cutting surface area.
3. High efficiency: high grinding rate, smooth operation and shortened grinding time.
4. Durability: Long-lasting surface finishing effects can be obtained during the service life.
5. Low noise, anti-static, improve working environment.
6. No high-temperature scorching due to high-speed grinding work.


Scope of application:
Install on an electric or pneumatic portable angle grinder,
Widely used in shipbuilding, automobiles, bridges, construction, light industry and other industries. It is suitable for grinding welds, burrs, rust removal, paint removal and polishing.

1. Metal products such as stainless steel knives, scissors, tableware, and thermos cups.
2. Clock accessories, watch cases and straps
3. Golf club and ball head surface treatment
4. Deburring the surface of hardware castings
5. Construction hardware, hinges and locks
6. Hardware lighting products and accessories:
7. Aluminum bicycle frame rim polishing
8. VCD panel and mobile phone shell drawing
9. Hardware bathroom products
10. Surface drawing treatment of electroplated products
11.Deburring aluminum heat sink
12. Surface texture of stainless steel pipe and strip
13. Grinding and polishing of various plates


Product Specification

Abrasive Grain


Grit Range


Hole Diameter

Max R.P.M.


Aluminum Oxide,

Silicon Carbide,

Zirconium Oxide,


Fiber Paper

P16 - P120

4" (100mm)

5/8" (16mm)


4.5" (115mm)

7/8" (22mm)


5" (125mm)

7/8" (22mm)


6" (150mm)

7/8" (22mm)


7" (180mm)

7/8" (22mm)




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