Speciality Sanding Sponge
Available in various diameters or customized as required.
Speciality Sanding Sponge
Sanding blocks are portable and handy, and will allow you easy handling and control. With a sanding block, you are certain of a smooth, perfect finish better than anything ordinary sandpaper offers.
-Coarse 60 grit: removal of previous finishes, stripping of wood
-Medium 80 – 120 grit: moderate surface finishing, primary sanding
-Fine 180 grit: light surface finishing
-Very Fine 220 grit: light sanding between coats
-Extra Fine 320 grit: between coats of paint and varnish
Application Analysis of Speciality Sanding Sponge:
Specialty sanding sponges are versatile tools used for various sanding and finishing applications. They consist of a sponge-like material coated with abrasive particles, making them ideal for both wet and dry sanding. Here, we will analyze the application of specialty sanding sponges in different industries and projects.
Woodworking: Speciality sanding sponges are commonly used in woodworking projects. They are effective for smoothing rough surfaces, removing paint or varnish, and preparing wood for finishing. The flexibility of the sponge allows for contour sanding, making it suitable for intricate shapes and profiles.
Automotive: In the automotive industry, specialty sanding sponges are used for refinishing tasks. They can be used to smooth out scratches, scuffs, and imperfections in the paintwork. The sponge's flexibility enables it to conform to curved surfaces, such as car body panels or trim pieces.
DIY and Home Improvement: Speciality sanding sponges are popular among DIY enthusiasts and homeowners. They are excellent for various projects, such as sanding drywall patches, preparing walls for painting, or smoothing rough edges on furniture or cabinets. The sponge's soft side can be used for delicate finishes, while the wilder side is suitable for more aggressive sanding.
Metalworking: Speciality sanding sponges are also helpful in metalworking applications. They can remove rust, corrosion, or old paint from metal surfaces. The sponge's flexibility allows for better control and access to intricate details, making it suitable for metal furniture, ornaments, or decorative pieces.
Arts and Crafts: Artists and crafters often use specialty sanding sponges in their projects. They help smooth edges, shape contours, or distressed surfaces for a weathered look. The sponge's versatility and ease of use make it a valuable tool for various art mediums, including wood, ceramics, or even polymer clay.

Product Specification:

Abrasive Grain


Grit Range

Size (mm)


White Aluminum Oxide,

Aluminum Oxide,


Plastics / EVA 


P36 - 1200

70 x 115 x 5

customization available by request

125 x 100 x 12

140 x 115 x 5


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