White Aluminum-Oxide Sand Paper for Wood
Available in various diameters or customized as required.
Sand Paper
Matrix/Base :  Kraft Paper
Abrasive/Grain : Aluminum-Oxide / Silicon Carbide
Main Particle Size/Main Grit : 60#-600#
Width : 230x280mm, 390x270mm, 390x540mm
Finished Form: Sheet

Application Analysis of Aluminum-Oxide Sand Paper for Wood :
White aluminum-oxide sandpaper, also known as white fused alumina, is a specialized type of abrasive material that is sometimes used for wood applications. While it shares some similarities with regular aluminum-oxide sandpaper, there are a few unique characteristics to consider in its application analysis for wood:

1. Finishing and Polishing: White aluminum-oxide sandpaper is often used for fine finishing and polishing of wood surfaces. Its fine grit size and high purity make it suitable for achieving a smooth and glossy finish. It is commonly used in the final stages of sanding to refine the wood surface and remove any remaining imperfections, such as fine scratches or swirl marks.

2. Hardwood and Exotic Wood: White aluminum-oxide sandpaper is particularly well-suited for sanding hardwood and exotic wood species. These types of woods are often denser and harder, requiring a more durable and aggressive abrasive. White aluminum oxide's hardness and cutting ability make it effective in leveling and smoothing the surface of hardwoods, including oak, maple, mahogany, or teak.

3. Delicate Woodworking: While white aluminum-oxide sandpaper can be used for more aggressive sanding tasks, its fine-grit options make it suitable for delicate woodworking projects as well. When working with softer or more delicate wood species, such as pine or cedar, the finer grits can be used to achieve a smooth finish without excessive material removal. It allows for precise control over the sanding process, minimizing the risk of over-sanding or damaging the wood.

4. Heat and Friction Control: White aluminum-oxide sandpaper has the advantage of generating less heat and friction compared to other abrasive materials. This characteristic can be beneficial when working with heat-sensitive wood species or when sanding intricate details, such as moldings or carvings. The reduced heat and friction help prevent burning or discoloration of the wood surface, ensuring a clean and even sanding result.

5. Stain and Paint Preparation: White aluminum-oxide sandpaper can also be used for preparing wood surfaces for staining or painting. Its fine grits help in smoothing out the wood and creating a uniform surface that enhances the adhesion and appearance of stains or paints. It removes any previous coatings, blemishes, or raised grain, allowing for better penetration and coverage of subsequent finishes.

6. Specialty Woodworking Projects: Due to its specific characteristics, white aluminum-oxide sandpaper is often preferred in specialty woodworking projects where a high-quality, refined finish is desired. This can include furniture making, instrument building, cabinetry, or decorative woodwork. It provides the precision and control needed to achieve professional-grade results in these applications.


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