Non-Woven Scouring Pad Wheel
Available in various diameters or customized as required.
Non Woven Scouring Pad

The Non-Woven Scouring Pad Wheel is an economical grinding product with strong  performance. It is specially designed for hardware and stainless steel work pieces.
Delivers high-quality finishes with sharp cutting and self-renewing aluminum oxide mineral.
Open web is load resistant, prolonging abrasive service life.
Open web is spongy and responsive, conforming to most surface geometries.
Resin bond is heat resistant and withstands repeated wear.
Product benefits:
Restores the original, high-quality finish on fabricated parts. While welds or other imperfections might detract from the shininess of the part, the original luster can still be salvaged – even revitalized and renewed – with the help of this abrasive brush.
Can be used for polishing, brushing and surface treatment of a range of  work pieces. Such as: stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper and iron parts and other metal materials.
Product Applications:
Stainless steel sinks, Stainless steel kitchen hoods, kitchenware, cars and other vehicles, elevator panels, digital product surfaces and other industries that use large about of metal products..



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